Choosing a Fence That’s Right For You

A new fence may be just what your property needs. After all, fences provide value in a variety of different ways. For one thing, fences give you privacy. Sitting in a bare yard is a pretty uneasy feeling, especially if there isn’t a lot of space between you and your neighbors. No one wants to be peeked in on! And don’t look down on the peekers – seeing what others are doing is just human nature, after all. Still, a privacy fence could make things a lot simpler in that regard. You might want to have your backyard covered up simply because it’s a mess – that’s totally understandable! Protecting children and pets is another big reason why people install fences. Letting kids and pets out into a fenceless yard is a risk to the little ones’ safety. You’ll have much more peace knowing that no one can run away or get lost very easily. Fences add quite a bit of value – we know that. Now the question is this: How does one get started in fence installation? Our suggestion is this – start by choosing a good fence contractor.

Having a fence professional on the job is a very important aspect of fence building. It just makes the whole job go a lot easier and smoother. That is, if you pick a good one. There are some people out there in Fresno who are looking to take advantage of home and business owners. Fence contractors that do subpar work should not come anywhere near your fence! Of course, in the age of the internet, it can be quite hard to determine who’s legit and who’s just pulling your leg. One tried and tested way to determine a reputable contractor is to look at customer reviews. Five star reviews that are detailed can be quite telling! Also, a simple phone call can give you loads of information about the type of person behind the wheel. Did you get clear and concise service when speaking on the phone? Here’s a good tip to follow: if a company doesn’t offer a free quote, they’re not worth your time.

So, now that we have a veritable professional on hand, what’s next? Now, you need to think about what type of fence you want. Of course, you should have this pretty clear before you contact a builder… right? Right. Now, let’s speak about wood. Wood is a common, entry-level material in the world of fences. In fact, when many people think about fence building in Fresno, or anywhere, wood fencing is probably the image that comes to mind first. There’s a reason why fences are built with wood more often than not. Wood is an affordable material that isn’t complicated to install. If you have a budget and a strict timeline, wood fencing can be a great way to get a fence standing quickly and easily. On top of being very accessible, wood fencing is highly customizable. You can have a blast painting and staining it in a variety of different colors and styles. Choose a style and look that fits your home!

Next up is vinyl fencing. Vinyl fences are used very often as an alternative to wooden fencing. Why? Vinyl fencing is low-maintenance, and it’s not susceptible to weather damage like wood is. Long story short, vinyl is an easy material to own! On top of this, vinyl fences are built in the same styles that wooden fences are. So whether you’re looking for a picket, privacy, lattice or other type of wood-style fence, vinyl can do the job as well! Make sure that you keep your vinyl fence clean, though. If you let tough stains build on your vinyl fence, they can be hard to get rid of later on. You might need to get a whole new fence! So watch out for that. Vinyl fence installation is also rather simple, and many people choose to go DIY with this material. Still, our top tip remains – getting professional help is a great way to save yourself problems!

Now, onto the next material – chain-link! Chain-link fences aren’t used as often in residential capacities. They’re not the best looking fence out there. But chain-link fences do have their spot in the fence world, and they do their job like no other fence can! You’ve probably copied chain-link fences most often in residential and commercial apacities. In places like sport courts, auto dealerships and lots, could you imagine another fence material doing a better job than chain-link? Think about a basketball court… fenced in with vinyl. That’s just weird. If your fence search is not for a home, but rather a Commercial Fence or municipal entity, chain-link fencing could be just what the contractor ordered. These fences can be built quite tall, making them great for security purposes.


Iron fencing is the most expensive type of fence material discussed here. This kind of fencing makes a statement that is totally unique – and effective. When you see an iron fence, you can’t help but think of wealth and stability. Those are the attributes of an iron fence, after all. Once installed, your iron fence could stand along with your property for decades – yes, decades! They’re a considerable investment, but one that’s worth making if you ask us. Iron fences can rust through, which is why some people choose aluminum fencing as a rust free alternative. Aluminum fencing is not the genuine article per se, but even some professional fence contractors have trouble telling it apart from iron, except for very close-up. If the contractor can’t tell, it’s less likely that you neighbors will be able to. Still, if true iron fencing is what you’re looking for, you should go for it without a second thought!

Have you gotten a bit close toward making your decision on the type of fence for your perfect fence installation! Doing preliminary research and finding a trustworthy contractor is important, bust don’t stress too much. We’re sure that your Fresno fence build will be a success!

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