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Owning a home in the beautiful golden state of California is something that is sought after by many. With the perfect weather, and the excellent scenery, it is no wonder why aesthetic appearance is so important to those who live here. No home is complete without a matching fence to secure the yards and provide some added privacy to the homeowners. You might be wondering how someone can even come up with ideas on how to pick the right fence. You may also be stressed out over just thinking about the costs that could be included with installing a brand new fence on your property. If so, you have found the exact company that can facilitate the entire process into a stress free and affordable ordeal. We take care of all the hard work so that you can live your busy life and come home to a job well done. Our goal is to make sure that the whole process is made easy for our clients and that they end up with the exact look they wanted. Clovis Fence Builder is well known in the area for our excellent customer service and attention to detail. If you are looking for an affordable fence installation, look no further! From reading our 5-star Google reviews you can see why we have been called the top ratedfence installation contractors in Clovis. We always remember to focus on the client and all of their needs, this means that you can rest easy knowing that the excellent team of fence installation experts will make sure to follow all proper steps when constructing your beautiful fence.

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Top Fence Repair Experts in Clovis

On top of already being great builders of new fences, we also have the best rated contractors for fence repairs. Our repair team is made up of the same great experts who can construct entire fences from scratch. This means that they know all about fence construction as well, which allows them to be able to properly judge whether a fence requires a simple repair or if a replacement is actually needed. Other contractors can end up costing you a whole lot more money than Clovis Fence Builders! The problem is, many contractors are out there just looking to make easy money. Unfortunately, this can be terrible for the clients because they have no expertise on fence building and might not be able to tell when a contractor is not being honest. Here is where we are able to stand out very well against the rest of the competition. You see, we like to think about our business in a long term perspective. While others may be more focused on immediate monetary compensation, we like to think about the ways we can run our business that can benefit us the most in the long run. Contractors from other companies in the area could possible try and convince you to spend more money by replacing parts large parts of your fence when in reality, a simple and less costly repair may have been just as good. We make sure that non of our clients our taken advantage of in this manner by hiring only the most honest fence installers we can find. In result, our clients have named us the best fence repair company in Clovis!

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Which high quality fence should I pick?

When thinking about what type of fence you would like to have for your home or business, some already have a clear image of what they would want it to look like. Others might find this difficult though. That’s where we come in. Our team of expert fence builders have worked on enough properties to be able to consult with you about the design and material options you might like to choose. We aim to make the process simple and stress free, so that you can be fully satisfied by the work we do for you. It all starts by calling our office and giving us some basic details. There is no commitment involved with just talking to us. We love hearing about the needs that our clients have, so the more people we talk to and do business with, the better our company can grow! We not only have a huge variety of designs and styles to choose from, but we also have plenty of different materials so that we can match all of your needs with your budget also! We are able to handle almost any need that you may have associating your fence and your property, and this is because of all our prior experience working with residents and business owners of Clovis.

Best Custom Fences in the Clovis Area

Over the years, our clients have come to us with some of the most unique ideas. Not everyone wants a common looking fence for their home or property. We understand that for some of you, standing out is important. That is why we have been taking care of custom built fences for our clients in Clovis. Why would you do business with a different company that just sells pre-fabricated sections of fences? Clovis Fence Builders has all the right equipment and expertise that it takes to create something either one of a kind or just slightly different from what is normal. Our design team experts can work with you to be able to properly take in all your thoughts and visions on what you want your fence to look like. Since we can custom fabricate a fence with so many different materials, the sky is really the limit when it comes to working with one of our top-notch custom fence installers. Let us know if you think your needs justify going a custom route with building your fence. Our prices are kept very reasonable and competitive, so just because some thing is more unique doesn’t exactly mean that it will go way past your budget. Our top rated custom fence contractors will always make sure to keep costs in mind when they work on your awesome custom fence.

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