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Many companies in Fresno will advertise a repair service for fences, but we like to work a little differently than the rest of the competition. You see, anyone can tell you what looks wrong with your fence. But what really matters is whether that contractor chooses to repair solely what is damaged, or if they simply replace the entire section or more of the damaged fence. This difference can be HUGE for most clients. The repair could cost either very little for the client, or a whole lot if the contractor convinces them that they need to replace their entire fence. At Fresno Fence Builders, we work in a more ethical manner that focuses more on the client than anything else. This is the core of what separates us in terms of our expert fence repair services.

By making the client the number one priority, we are able to make proper decisions that are going to best satisfy our clients instead of just bringing us in the most money. Since we build fences that last a long time, we must think about the long term when we do our business. Simply speaking, doing better for the client is what keeps us running a successful business for the long run as opposed to just thinking about short term profits. We take pride in this difference because it is usually what causes our clients to think of us as more than just the average fence repair contractors. Our priorities are what allow us to have such an amazing top rated company in customer service.

Our excellent fence repair contractors have worked with a wide range of materials. No job is too small either! We can take care of your fence no matter how simple or complicated the construction may be. In addition to fences, we have repaired many gates in the past. This also includes automatic gates as well. We have found that many people put up with slow or no longer functioning automatic doors, which makes sense if you are worried about being overcharged for a repair. However, most people who have gotten their automatic gates fixed by us have been very surprised how affordable we can make it. If you already love the way your gate looks, we can make sure to fix it instead of just replacing the entire thing!

Don’t let a different company over charge you or sell you something that you don’t need. Fresno Fence Builders is guaranteed to do the job right. We will work hard but we will also be honest at the same time, because doing right by the client is just as important as building a fence the right way. Don’t wait any longer to restore your home to what it should look like. Call us today to receive an estimate! There is no commitment for just asking us how much your project could cost. So you can only benefit from asking and consulting one of our experts!

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