Best Fence Installation Company in Fresno California

Fence Installation Fresno California

Best Fence Installation Company in Fresno California - Fresno Fence Builders

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Fresno Fence Builders is your number one pick for quality and long-lasting fences and enclosures. Today we are known as the best rated fence installation company in the Fresno, California area and we got there by providing the absolute best service for our customers. Our services are the best in Fresno because no other fence building company puts as much focus on the client as we do. We believe that the client should have every concern answered and taken care of. Even if it is a matter of aesthetic preference, we care about your opinions. Fresno Fence Builders also has a big focus on pricing. We have the best prices for the best service, which makes it easy to do business with us because we are able to work with every budget!

Need some privacy for the backyard? What about the side of your fence that has been falling down? If you have been thinking about installing a new fence to add some structure or privacy to your property, you have found the perfect place. We handle a large variety of different fence styles and materials to fit just about any need that a client might have. Some people ask us to build something beautiful for their lovely homes, while others ask for huge security fences. We even take care of temporary chain link fences for whatever construction project you or your firm might be planning. Our experts have seen it all, so you can count on us to get the job done right. Picking Fresno Fence Builders for your next project is the best first step you can do towards renovating your home’s perimeter or securing your valuable property.

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best fence company in Fresno California Area

Fence Installation in Fresno California

Our team is made up of experienced experts who were trained to follow every step and pay attention to every detail during installation. We build fences in Fresno that are meant to stay for a long time. This is because we believe in providing the most value possible when we take on a job. Which means that we are the ones that worry about the construction, not you. So leave it to us experts to get it done for you. This way there are no errors in the construction once it is finished. No one wants to pay for a large project, just to have to fix it a few years down the road. Our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed! We love telling this to our clients because it gives them reassurance and because it shows them the kind of reputation we have built for our company.

While we do offer repair services, we usually find ourselves repairing the work done by other companies in the area. This is not that surprising to us because we know that not every fence builder out there will put in as much effort towards the clients as we do. Don’t hire a company that will let you down in the future, hire Fresno Fence Builders so you can be sure your investment pays off for you!

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Residential Fence Installation

We have many residential clients in the area who love their fences and are still enjoying them without issues. Our wide variety of styles and materials have allowed us to service homeowners with both small and large budgets. From simple to extravagant, we have the expertise to do it all.

best fence companies in Fresno California
best fence company in Fresno California
best fencing Fresno California

Commercial Fence Installation

Businesses all over Fresno have made us their commercial fence contractor of choice. We have the strongest materials like aluminum but also budget friendly materials like wood or PVC so that even the small business owners can have the security or privacy they need with one of our quality fence installations.

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Which fence is right for me?

Our experts at Fresno Fence Builders have talked to many clients and have heard just about everything that could be needed from a fence building company. If you are not yet sure about which style or which material your fence needs to be constructed with, we are here to help! If you call us we are able to help you make the right decision for your specific need. It is very important to us that every client gets to talk about all their thoughts and opinions regarding the fence they would like us to build. In order for us to build the perfect fence, we must have a perfect understanding of what the client would want. Therefore, we use a method for consultation that asks all the right questions before we can even start on the project. Fence building has been our passion for years and we want you to be able to make confident decisions with us when we pick out what your fence will look like.

best fence installation Fresno CA
best fence installation Fresno California

Custom Fences Fresno CA

No two properties are the same, so why would you hire a different company that only has pre-fabricated fence sections? At Fresno Fence Builders, we know that sometimes a fence must be constructed entirely custom. Instead of cutting corners with pre-fabricated fences, we understand that some areas just simply aren’t able to be enclosed without custom cutting and fitting. Our experts will never cut corners when they construct your fence, instead they will let you know if a custom job is needed for your property. That way, you don’t have to worry about any problems with appearance once the job is done. We offer free estimates, which our clients can use to make sure their desired fence is within their budget. During this estimate, we will make sure to note any possible areas of concern that could arise during construction.

Have a custom design in mind? We can work with you to show you what designs have worked best in the past so that you can make a better decision with the custom look you are trying to get for your property.

Fence Repair in Fresno

Fresno Fence Builders has the best fence repair service in Fresno, California. Our clients tell us that they love how well and how fast we are able to fix any issues with their fence. Often times we are just fixing mistakes that an individual or other company made during their construction, but we are more than happy to repair or replace areas of your fence that are either broken or weathered down.

Other companies will usually try and have you replace an entire fence just because of a damaged section. This doesn’t surprise us because it obviously benefits them to get more money from you. However, Fresno Fence Builders will never try to sell you something you don’t need. We believe that clients should not be taken advantage of, but instead, it is up to us to share our knowledge with them so that they can join us in the decision making process also. You might be surprised to find out that we can save an existing structure that was previously set to be replaced by a different company.

Our pricing for fence repair is very competitive and usually less expensive than you might think. Call us today to find out how inexpensive your repair job could be!

best fence company Fresno CA
top rated fence company in Fresno California

Gate Repair

So you already have a gate leading up to your beautiful home, but is it working properly for you? Many of our clients tell us about their faulty or annoying gates that could use some renovations. We not only construct new gates for properties, but we fix broken ones too! If it is taking you too long to open your gate it can be dangerous late at night, or at least just really annoying if it is raining. Call us today and ask what we can do about your old gate, the estimate might surprise you!


Available Services

In addition to fence installations and repair, we also provide many different materials to choose from. The more common choices are wood or PVC, but we also have different styles for either residential or commercial properties. For homeowners we also offer pool fences, and for commercial use we have many different chain link designs to work for short or long term purposes. Our estimates are always free so there is never a cost to just ensure that your fence is in good structure. Don’t wait and procrastinate about the work that needs to be done to your property, call us today!

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Why choose Fresno Fence Builders?

If you’re not yet sure about which company to pick as your fence builder, you should know that:

  1. Fresno Fence Builders has built a reputation from doing the job right. We got to the position we are in from focusing on long term solutions for our valued clients. There are other competitors in the area that offer the same services but are really only trying to appear as good as our company.
  2. Instead of choosing a company that wants to be the best, why not choose the company that works and performs the best? Our company has lead the competition in Fresno towards an upward direction from simply doing our best and keeping our focus on our clients. It’s no secret to us that people want to do business with those that understand their needs the best.
  3. Fresno Fence Builders has excellent customer service. We take pride in our previous constructions as well as the reviews that our clients leave us. These speak for us and they also let us know how we can always keep improving. This is why we are the best Fresno fence installation company!

Interested in receiving a free estimate? Call us and let us know what fence project has been on your mind lately and let us put those thoughts closer towards reality. The dream look that you would like to turn your house or property into will most likely include a beautiful fence somewhere around it. Let Fresno Fence Builders take part in that amazing project that you’ve been wanting to start!

Our fence contractors in Fresno are very skilled at their trade. However, another trait that our customers really like, is the fact that we are able to service any area of Fresno.
Our fence professionals can reach you in a very reasonable amount of time because of our great location. Below you will find some more info that points out how we can form our routes to be able to help everyone out with their consultations and free estimates.

Directions to California State University, Fresno: Turn right onto E McKinley AvePass by McDonald's (on the right in 0.5 mi), Turn right onto the CA-168 E ramp, Merge onto CA-168, Take exit 4 for Shaw Ave, Turn left onto E Shaw AvePass by Jack in the Box (on the left in 0.2 mi), Turn right onto N Chestnut Ave, At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit and stay on N Chestnut Ave, At the traffic circle, take the 3rd exit onto E Barstow Ave, Turn left onto N Maple Ave, Turn right onto E San Ramon Ave, Turn left.

Directions to the Fresno Yosemite International Airport: Turn left toward N Gateway Blvd, Turn right onto N Gateway Blvd, Turn left onto E McKinley Ave, Turn left onto N Clovis Ave, Turn left onto E Airways Blvd, Turn left onto N Cargo Ln.

Directions from the Fresno Chandler Executive Airport: Turn right onto E McKinley Ave, Pass by KFC (on the right in 0.2 mi), Turn left after McDonald's (on the right), Take the ramp onto CA-180 W, Take exit 57A to merge onto CA-99 S toward Bakersfield, Take exit 133A for Stanislaus St, Turn right onto E Stanislaus St, Continue straight to stay on E Stanislaus St, Turn left onto S Thorne Ave, Turn right onto Kearney Frontage, Turn right onto Airport Rd, Destination will be on the right.